Top 5 reasons for going to your dentist

Visit the dentist regularly

It is important to encourage your patients to regularly visit the dentist. This will help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Click here to see our list of dentists.

See below for our 5 top reasons to visit the dentist.

  1. Prevent gum disease

Gum disease can lead to loss of teeth but it can be treated if detected early. Dentists recommend regular check-ups, as well as daily flossing and brushing, to reduce this risk. Detecting this disease before you have any cosmetic work done means your treatment will have a higher chance of success. The most popular cosmetic treatment is a complete smile makeover.

  1. Prevent mouth cancer

Mouth cancer kills more people in the UK than cervical or testicular cancer, but is largely preventable – chances of survival increase from 50% to 90% if you detect problems early. Regular trips to your dentist are the best way of monitoring your dental health and catching problems early.

  1. Avoid losing your teeth

Having regular check-ups means that dental problems can be detected early and dealt with immediately, this could prevent loss of teeth.

  1. Dental emergencies can be prevented

By taking a preventive approach, your dentist can help keep your teeth in the best condition. This can avoid dental emergencies like abscesses, infections or broken teeth. Find out more.

  1. Help maintain good overall health

If your oral health is good this can help your overall health and wellbeing. Gum disease has been linked with heart disease, strokes and pancreatic cancer. By visiting the dentist regularly you can help keep your teeth in the best condition and minimise these risks.