Top 3 Solutions for Thinning Eyelashes

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As women start to age, many find that they start to experience thinning of the eyelashes. Luckily, a new solution has recently appeared on the market, meaning women can finally throw away all that useless lengthening mascara, for natural, longer, darker and thicker lashes.

Latisse products have just been rolled out in the UK after a massive growth in popularity in the USA. Latisse is the first and at present, the only FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate lashes and is available on a prescription only basis. Find out about prescribed medicine.

The product works through its active ingredient; bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which is believed to affect the anagen phase of the eyelash hair circle, increasing the length and number of hairs in two different growth phases. Click here to see how you can make your lashes appear bigger.

How do you use the treatment?

The treatment is used by applying topically to the base of the upper eyelashes once a day, or as instructed by a doctor.

Gradually, the results will begin to become prominent, and within around 4 weeks you should begin to see results, with full growth achieved in around 16 weeks, meaning you’ll soon be able to throw away those falsies, and have beautiful, long lashes all of your own.

When using Latisse you should ensure that you always keep your doctor up to date on your progress, and contact them straight away should you encounter any problems as it is believed that biamatropost may, in some cases, because increased brown pigmentation in the coloured part of the eye which could be permanent. See overseas doctors.

 Making your eyelashes appear thicker with semi permanent makeup

However, if you would prefer to stay away from any sorts of medication, permanent makeup is a great alternative. Having semi-permanent eyeliner tattooed onto your lid, in a style that suits your face shape will help to define and make your lashes appear thicker. Check out the process.

It also means you looked as if you have made an effort, when in fact; you haven’t applied eyeliner in months. An experienced permanent makeup artist can create a precise shape with no smudging at all.